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WIN is an active network of dedicated companies and other stakeholders. Activities include regular partner meetings, workshops and much more.

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In order to enable network operators to meet and innovations successfully reach the market, WIN arranges different types of events and events. To ensure that all members of the WIN Energy network meet to bring innovations to market, we encourage partners and innovators to participate regularly at meetings and events.


During test bed meetings, innovators will be able to demonstrate their business idea, service or product to a number of specialists and decision makers and partners in the network. The goal of test bed meetings is that innovators should agree with one or more partners to test the innovation or set up a test bed.

This is beneficial to the innovator when a test contributes with data, feedback, reference and possible continued collaboration. For partners it is advantageous to have the opportunity to test, evaluate and comment on relevant innovation before deciding whether or not to purchase innovation.


Four times a year, a party meeting is organized for the members of the network. The partner meeting gives you as an innovator the opportunity to give a brief presentation / pitch of your idea and solution. On site, besides other innovators, decision makers from private and public organizations provide feedback and ask questions.

As a requirement owner, share the challenges you face and meet the needs of others. Partners can identify common challenges and together find suitable solutions. You can offer innovation companies support and support based on your area of ​​expertise and discuss innovations with others.


Innovation companies are given the opportunity to showcase their solutions to potential buyers and a wider audience during selected fairs. WIN brings together a number of innovation companies under the same measure, which gives more value for money to each.


The WIN Mingle Map TM is an active matchmaking tool used for networking. All participants in a meeting are represented in the mingel map as a node. Each line represents a business opportunity, a possible collaboration or a project. Through WIN Energy’s partner meeting you will be able to match with interesting stakeholders who can open up for further collaborations and business.


WIN-WIN meeting, September 17, 2020

WIN-WIN meeting, September 17, 2020

Masterplanning the Future –
What does it take to be one of the winners after the giant leap?

September 17, 2020

We are in the middle of an exciting change, a new playing field takes shape. Societal development is not a
linear process – it happens stepwise and at the moment we are facing a giant leap in the development.
Transparency and uncertainties increase. Our experiences and way of working will never be like before.
The digital transformation has changed from an industrial nisch to a required movement for all.
At the WIN WIN meeting, we will catch up on what could be the new normal for a robust, safe, and resilient
supply of the necessary societal systems like water and energy deliveries. What are the innovations
beyond sustainability and how can we together create profitable businesses in the new normal?
WIN will through our three innovation market places challenge and inspire partners and friends to catch
opportunities for new unexpected developments. We will also further introduce “business mingle for the
future” that has been a success for growth.

Place: Zoom (digital participation)
Date: September 17, 2020
Time: 09 – 15 (Parallel workshops 13 – 15)
Host: MSB – Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency

Sneak Peek of the agenda:

• Environmental impact of accident – Jan Wisén, MSB
• The Future of green IT-partnering for sustainable solutions – Madeleine Gilborne, ALFA LAVAL
• Presentation of several innovation companies
• Matchmaking Mingle Breaks

More to come…

Can we get sustainable innovations to zones of catastrophes and disaster relief?
Yes we can! Come and listen to how, together with whom and what your contribution could be.
Together we will make it happen!
Host – SustAid

Extinguishing water and PFAS, tests, methods of action and what more can be done? The
workshop will elaborate on different methodologies for the PFAS treatment difficulties and also
presenting technologies and practical experiences.

Mobilizing and coordinating volunteers in emergency situations
How could we integrate volunteer capacity in an emergency? What kind of platforms can be used
to get volunteers to sign up and give rapid response in a situation and how could the process be
Host – MSB/WIN

Energy vision 2050
What would it take in order for Sweden to produce at least 200% renewable energy by 2050?
What kind of strategies could be expected and what would it mean for the society of tomorrow?
Host – WIN

What is what in the water hierarchy?
Let’s make a “water hierarchy staircase” together. We will discuss and put the finger on what is
the need and who can expect drinking water quality. To what extent are we “overdeliver” the top
quality water? Is there always a right to expect the delivery of drinking water or can we have a
differentiation in quality, expectation and supply.
Host – Sydvatten

Please note that the number of participants is limited, so do not forget to register to secure your
place. You can sign up for the WIN WIN meeting until September 10.
Sign up by following the link:


Curious about what’s happening at WIN or interested in becoming a member? Use the opportunity
for spontaneous or pre-booked meetings with the WIN team. Any questions or thoughts?
Please contact emmelie@win.ideon.se

Hope to see you – September 17!
Most welcome!

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